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Over the years, Yang Kee has developed a network of offices around the globe, providing a wide array of logistics services to make us a 1 stop, hassle free service provider for all our clients. Our partnership with local companies has ensured that we have both the ground knowledge and global connectivity to provide the best service possible.



Head Office (Singapore)
8 Jurong Pier Road Singapore 619160
T : +65 6430 4388
F : +65 6264 0261
E : global.sales@yangkee.com
Established as a leading total logistics solutions provider since 1990, Yang Kee group of companies include: Yang Kee Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd; Yang Kee Chemical Logistics Pte Ltd; Yang Kee Marine & Offshore Pte Ltd; Yang Kee Holdings Pte Ltd; Nutrans Logistics Pte Ltd; Yangchem Pte Ltd are able to provide seamless and innovative end-to-end logistics solutions to meet the highly demanding logistical requirements of today’s global marketplace. Leveraging on our state-of-the-art facilities to meet the complexity of our clients’ logistics requirements, we have over 200 professionals armed with in-depth expertise and experience to provide our clientele in Singapore and the region with prompt time-to-market and cost-effective logistics and warehousing services.

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