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Here at Yang Kee, we seek to nurture and develop the potential of the industry’s brightest minds. We believe that our strong team of professionals and experts allow us to stay ahead of the curve through sheer dedication, determination, innovation and enthusiasm.

Through the years, we have built a strong corporate culture that encourages human capital development, empowerment and ownership, guided by our moral compass – strong ethics, social responsibility, integrity and respect. We also believe that happy employees begets happy customers – we take great care of our people so that they can focus on what they do best.

With a large variety of career opportunities, we welcome interested candidates of all ages and capabilities – team players who are excited to grow alongside Yang Kee, a dynamic company on the cusp of greater growth.

Experience the spirit of Yang Kee

We reward well

As an employee of Yang Kee, we want our people to take pride every day in what we can achieve together, and be recognised for their contribution

We empower you

With a wide range of learning and development opportunities, we want all our employees to embrace lifelong learning and broaden their horizon, achieving their aspirations with us as we grow together.

We want our employees to become ambassadors of the company as they embody and exude the unique culture, leadership and passion of the company

We connect your talent to the future

As the global economy expands, logistics has become increasingly vital. Jobs are available in logistics for people of all education levels. At Yang Kee, we take a long term approach towards our employee's future by mapping their current potentials to the future needs of the industry

We believe in equipping employees with the potential of both a vertical and horizontal career progression, to become leaders of tomorrow for Yang Kee.

We nurture you with new challenges

Employees want to perform interesting and challenging jobs, and progress and feel accomplished. We help to challenge our employees to reach their potential, transforming their aspirations into reality in Yang Kee, and letting them experience a meaningful career.

We embrace diversity and inclusiveness

We believe in creating a positive culture that believes in fair recruitment & development opportunities, and respect for all our people, regardless of race, religion, gender, or physical disabilities. By employing a diversified workforce with different experience and capabilities, our company will be able to progress innovatively and creatively

In 2017, we were conferred the Human Capital Partner (HCP) award by TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices) in Singapore. The HCP supports and recognizes employers with progressive employment practices that develops their human capital. To mark our commitment towards having a fair and progressive workplace, we were also awarded the Tripartite Standard on Grievance Handling (GH) by TAFEP in 2018.

We strongly believe in ethics and CSR

Yang Kee contributes to society to allow the next generation to grow. We inculcate a positive corporate culture of trustworthiness, ethics, and social responsibility. We want likeminded employees to join us, a business that advocates honesty, integrity, respect, professionalism, sense of teamwork, and sense of responsibility in everything that we do.

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